Now offering tote rental.

Now offering tote rental.

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Graves Mill Storage is now offering tote rental.

These heavy-duty 27 gallon totes are a great way to simplify your next move or home renovation project.  They are rented on a month to month basis and can be delivered to you right inside our mobile BOX.  They have a snap-lock lid and can be securely closed with zip-ties to ensure that nobody messes with your stuff while you’re moving.  Get as few or as many totes as you need and when you’re done with your move, we’ll pick them up.

These totes are a great alternative to old cardboard boxes which are expensive, bad for the environment, and don’t protect your valuables.  Plastic totes can be used over and over again and do a much better job at keeping out pests, dust, and moisture.  The totes interlock so they are perfect for moving, so you can stack them and they won’t crush and fall over like cardboard boxes.

Call us today to find out more information about our new tote rental and how it works perfectly with our mobile BOXES.