Four BOX deliveries and 250 miles later…..

Four BOX deliveries and 250 miles later…..

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What a day we had on Thursday.  A customer called the day before working on a home remodel and needed two BOXES delivered to Hurt, VA.  That’s two separate trips back and forth to Hurt, which is over 100 miles total and takes around 5 hours when you factor in loading, unloading, and delivering the BOXES.

Then we had another call from a friend who lives in Russell Springs and needed a box ASAP to declutter their house so they can put it on the market.  That’s another 25 or 30 miles round trip and about 2 hours of total time.

Then a local restoration company called after lunch and needed a BOX taken to a house in Moneta and they needed it ASAP (shocking, I know).  So we loaded up one more BOX and drove well over another 100 miles round trip to Moneta, across the lake on 122, and way down to the southern part of the lake in Franklin County

All told we did four BOX deliveries, 11 hours of work, 250 miles of total driving on the day, and didn’t get home until dark.  We placed BOXES in Campbell County, Pittsylvania County, and Franklin County.  Who would have thought we’d be moving boxes all over the place like this?  I always assumed we’d just be taking BOXES to people right around Lynchburg and Forest.

It’s amazing to see how the business is growing and how happy people are when we are able to show up with a BOX that can help solve a problem in their life in some small way.  Moving is tough and home disasters are a nightmare but we’re here to help our customers no matter how late we have to work or how far we have to go.

If you take a look in the background of the attached picture, you can see the lake.  The couple had a beautiful home right on the water.

Thanks again to Nathan and Shani, SERVPRO of Lynchburg, and Jason in Hurt, VA for your business.

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